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This week we saw a ton of drama with a certain male DJ/Agent looking for young skinny attractive women only who can DJ and not suck. The community exploded in outrage when his follow up stated that this is what clubs are looking for, and he was simply doing his job because if he was interested in finding talented DJ's he would just hire men. I don't want to focus on this obvious douchebag guy that our industry is littered with, but I am so happy that the younger generation of industry men, the ones who are making huge moves and will be running things in the next 10 years, are just as outraged as us women.  It's been incredibly refreshing to have these young male artists and industry mavens (agents, PR, management) speaking up and letting other men know how wrong the sexism is in the industry and thst they do not support these idiotic ideas. Makes me think things are actually changing .... and it feels nice!  That being said - this week two of my most favorite ladies got together and crushed this redo of "Killing Me Softly" by The Fugees and I'm like - fuck ya girls! VenessaMichaels is quickly becoming a rising star for females in the industry and making top-notch future beats tracks that are better than most of everything out there! Teaming up with MOONZz for vocals on this track has got me doing that girl power dance all over the BB office ..... oh ladies you're on fire!!  You can grab this as a free download HERE