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Ah yes another great Moving Castle release this time courtesy of yung newcomer Kid Froopy. "bb (four missed texts)" is a upbeat electro pop record I'm dubbing future pop, with all sorts of earworms to dive into. The track starts energetic with light airy synths and piano before diving back down with a smattering of guitar strums and ambient pads. As the record picks back up with the vocals we're introduced to more spritely guitar licks and bass. The vocals lightly anchor the top end as the synth work bobs and weaves around the percussion. My favorite part comes about 2:50 in when we're treated to a breakdown with terrific arp work building us back up through the end. This original comes right after an excellent release of Kid Froopy's energetic remix of Hoodboi's "Closer ft. ASTR." There's a bright future ahead here, but for now you can grab this track on retailers here.

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