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The good and bad side of music blogging is that I get sent a lot of emails. I really do try and read as much as I can, but a lot of times great tracks slip away and I don't get around to supporting them. I feel bad because I know how much time and effort it takes to create a buzzz worthy tune, but  on the flip side I get super excited when I get sent tracks like this gem from newcomers Amos & Emily. At this point I don't have a whole lot of info to give you other than that the duo is Australian born Amos Wellings and Emily Leary currently living in London. "Fierce Love" is their second release and is full of juicy ear worms to dive into. The pre-chorus builds with piano and pads swelling into an infectous chorus with magical arps and pumping synths. They have tight harmonies and story like lyricism adding to the mystique of the single. This group is young, but I sense a bright future ahead. You can grab this single on iTunes here and Spotify here