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It is ridiculously hot in LA today. The sun is scorching everything and the weather report is reading 100 pretty much all over town. Sounds like perfect timing for a new SNBRN record! Just like the weather LA is getting BRNT to a crisp over his new Swedish House Mafia cover of "Leave The World Behind." Teaming up with the always impeccable Kaleena Zanders for a second time (check out SNBRN's hot cover of California Love), the two have discovered a successful system for updating and rejuvenating seemingly overworked tunes. In true SNBRN fashion the record is packed with strings, piano, deep kicks, horns and he's chosen to go with a fun pan flute sounding melody that adds that tropical crisp to this Mai Tai of a tune. SNBRN is keeping the summer alive in September, and with LA scorching the way it is, I'm completely on board. You can stream on Spotify here or buy on Beatport here. San Francisco don't sleep on getting tickets to see SNBRN at Mezzanine Saturday November 19th. Grab them tickets below: