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Scandinavian newcomer Skott, who has only released two songs to date, has enlisted the talents of LA-based producer AWAY for her first official remix. AWAY and I met at rooftop party and I’m glad we stayed in touch. A relative newcomer himself, he has garnered serious traction on his first two remixes of THEY.’s “Motley Crue” and Kiiara’s “Feels”, the latter of which topped the Hype Machine charts. (The former still hit #2). His style is incredible unique. You could call it future bass, future beats, maybe future trap, maybe even future dub, but it’s definitely ahead of its time. Deep echoing powerful synths, wood blocks and other uncommon percussive sounds, snappy trap hi-hats - all present. Speaking on the project he told me "AWAY (Alone With All of You) is a music/art project that represents the emotional void present in all of us. We live in an era where we are more connected than ever, but beneath the surface we often feel alone. With deep-rooted influences in experimental rock and electronica, AWAY’s style is boundless. My focus is to create art that conveys emotion and a connection to a darker truth that most of us often suppress." His take on Skott’s emotional debut single “Porcelain”, which Lorde called “the shit”, may just be his best to date. You’ll definitely want to listen to this one more than once.