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If you are a regular to Beautiful Buzzz - you know we don't take ourselves too seriously ... we want you to listen too the music we post, so what we say about the music is irrelevant. I suppose this is one of the reasons people like this blog, and I definitely put a lot of my personality into my posts. I'm somewhat of a rule breaker, because how boring would life be if you never did anything 'bad" ... being bad can sometimes be fun, and today I am all about breaking some rules. For example, later today I am meeting the crew for brunch at this German restaurant that serves a boot of mimosa that holds two whole bottles of champagne, which is way over the doctor recommend 3 drinks at one sitting. Breaking rules! Or ... at Beautiful Buzzz we have a rule that we can't blog a song that has been out for over 7 days .... so I'm breaking rules with this Virtu remix, and no one can stop me! This Los Angeles producer completely crushed his remix of "When I'm Down" by Whethan VS Oilver Tree. I'm usually overly impressed by all things Virtu puts into the world ... and I just could not let this one go unheard! Grab a free download HERE!