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I’ve been following CRAY for a hot minute. Ever since I stumbled on her Soundcloud and the Mario Bros. themed artwork and video game sample-laden trap tracks caught my eyes and ears, I’ve been watching the rise of the gamer girl who also makes dope beats and tweets hilarious musings about food.

CRAY has come a long way as an artist since her first releases on Soundcloud. She has since started singing on her tracks and developed an indie pop leaning electronic sound. Her latest original single “Peaches” quickly amassed over a quarter of million streams on Spotify alone thanks to a catchy hook, silky vocals, and vibey forward-thinking production. Now we’re lucky enough to have a remix from one of the best remixers in the game, RAC! Everything the dude touches is gold and this “Peaches” mix is no exception. With the addition of gorgeous guitar parts, thick percussion rhythms, and just the right amount of synth embellishments, RAC’s version preserves what made the original great while introducing a new relaxed-yet-bright energy to the track. Go peep this one and add it to your summer playlists now!