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Only in 2018 can a mannequin have 20K Twitter followers and remix a future pop song into a dance floor rave-ready beat. Yes this is a blog post about a FRND remix done by a mannequin (“Charlotte” from the world of creepy YouTube phenomenon Poppy). Only in the age of Gen Z is it acceptable for computer-generated voice to be incorporated into music. I’m not talking about Styx singing about Mr. Roboto or Soulwax using a MicroKORG, Charlotte is all computer. Or is Poppy speaking for her through a computer? The mystery of the internet, my friends. All things considered, this remix does what most great remixes generally do: twists the original track on its head in a unique and refreshing way that makes you want to dance. Nice job, Charlotte. Not half bad for a mannequin.

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Everyone’s favorite Koala-loving producer/artist FRND is back again with another deliciously glitchy and catchy pop banger. The title offering from his upcoming second EP, “Before U I Didn’t Exist” follows last month’s “Erase.” It’s what one might call an oddly humanist robotic glitch-pop opus, replete with FRND’s signature sugary vocal hooks, futuristic synths and emotional heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics. The production is so unique and crisp, and the catchiness of the underlying composition just makes this one addictive track. There’s even a RAD anime-style video accompanying the release which follows an odd pair of lovers as they embark on a post-apocalyptic adventure to escape Earth. I won’t spoil the ending, so you’ll have to watch it for yourself HERE. Keep your eyes on FRND because he may just be on the verge of blasting off.



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These guys are literally two of my favorite new acts out there right now, so when I heard they were releasing a collaboration I was excited to say the least. “Faded” comes to us from producer/artists Said The Sky and FRND, the former having risen to prominence for his lush emotional future electronic compositions such as “Rush Over Me” feat. HALIENE (with Illenium and Seven Lions) and the latter for his sugary alternative/electronic pop bops such as “Substitute” and “Be Happy”. Both artists are unique and recognizable in their own rights, and both make you feel something with their music. This collaboration is no exception. A release via MrSuicideSheep’s Seeking Blue label in partnership with Crooked Paintings, “Faded” features the best characteristics of both collaborators. FRND’s neo-alternative songwriting, vocals and signature choppy/modulated sound design are complemented by Said The Sky’s gorgeously melodic, orchestral, future bass style. I’ll be blasting this one all winter long as I drive around sunny LA with the windows down and the sunroof open.



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Well the secret is out. The mysterious FRND has stayed ambiguous for months hiding behind the guise of a colorful Koala animation. But now with the release of his debut 'In Your Dreams' EP we've learned that FRND is none other than producer Andrew Goldstein, producer for a huge variety of big names including Britney Spears, Linkin Park, Robert Delong, Andrew Mcmahon, Celine Dion among others. I had the pleasure of seeing his debut live performance here in LA, and man I can't wait to see where this train keeps going. Our other writer Mike and I kept saying during his show that this music somehow brings us back about 10 years to the myspace days of Never Shout Never, Postal Service, and Hellogoodbye with the feel of indie rock meets electronica. Regardless the music is impeccably produced from start to finish and this latest single "Movies" is spot on again. With youth like exuberance and even children vox samples in the beginning FRND is definitely tying his music to that aesthetic, and we're totally ok with that. As the chorus drops in you can't help but bob your head. We hope there will be many more shows ahead as the EP continues to garner even more support across the web. 


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Our favorite amigo FRND is back with an acousticly driven new single "Be Happy" that's a journey of a tune. The beginning starts folk like and mellow, and ends in a sonic sphere of wobbly eclecticness that's starkly contrasting to the terrific acoustic guitar lick that's featured in the beginning. FRND has consistently been showing us he's a real player and the industry is definitely starting to take note. It's easy to see why big numbers are flowing in with such diverse electronic pop tunes like this one - I think you'll definitely dig. You can add this to your groovin' spotify playlist here. Still no press photo to be found, so we're going with the cover art for this one.



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My next one today comes from former sousaphone enthusiast and native of one of the first American colonies. That might just be all we know about this yet to be revealed artist FRND other than the fact that he's given us some killer tunes so far in "Sticks and Stones" and the debut "Friend" and doesn't seem to be slowing given his latest "Substitute." Just in time for Valentine's day this airy love song pleads that he can be "The substitute for the hole in your heart". The tune bumps and weaves along with vocals warps and a chippy snare. A guitar chop melody furnishes out the finale as we're left feeling alrighttt.  


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Steve James is bae! This year he has dazzled us with so many excellent jams - we kinda can't get enough. He played our SXSW show back in March, so he is 100% BB fam for life. Today he dropped his latest remix of "Friend" by FRND that we are totally vibing with.  He's put is edgy future feels sound all over this bad boy, mixing in synthy soulful vocals with glitchy beats ... all the goodness.  Get familiar, get into this one! Grab a free download HERE!    


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The mysterious producer FRND has given us his superb sophomore release and damn is it a good one. "Sticks And Stones" is a musical cocktail of sounds including harp, juicy saws, guitar like synthwork, layers of vocal harmonies, ah's, breaths and warping vox chops in the chorus that bring this feisty tune to a whole nutha level. His lyricism retorts with a f*** you attitude perfectly complementing the smirking instrumental. The record has a double sided appeal with lighter melodies and grooving rhythms offsetting the in your face sentiments brought out through the "Sticks and Stones" vocals. The ending finishes with an awesome synth solo that abruptly ends leaving you dumbfounded with how quickly the 3 minutes 5o seconds passed by. With a hype machine number one on his first release, the self titled "Friend," we have very high aspirations for this one as well. 


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Wow is it already September? That means school is back in session for millions of kids around the world, and it’s time for them to figure out who their friends will be this year. For new L.A. artist FRND, in debut track “Friend” he tells us he’s “good on friends” and he’s “already got enough of them.” This song is so catchy and definitely relatable. You know when you start singing along to a new song the first time you hear it because you feel like you already know it? This is one of those gems. Bouncy guitar sounds, sugary synths, and hooky as hell, “Friend” is a stellar debut from the mysterious new project - I personally can’t wait for more.