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The mysterious producer FRND has given us his superb sophomore release and damn is it a good one. "Sticks And Stones" is a musical cocktail of sounds including harp, juicy saws, guitar like synthwork, layers of vocal harmonies, ah's, breaths and warping vox chops in the chorus that bring this feisty tune to a whole nutha level. His lyricism retorts with a f*** you attitude perfectly complementing the smirking instrumental. The record has a double sided appeal with lighter melodies and grooving rhythms offsetting the in your face sentiments brought out through the "Sticks and Stones" vocals. The ending finishes with an awesome synth solo that abruptly ends leaving you dumbfounded with how quickly the 3 minutes 5o seconds passed by. With a hype machine number one on his first release, the self titled "Friend," we have very high aspirations for this one as well.