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Alright, I am gonna admit - this one is tough for me! Goldroom pretty much inspired me to start Beautiful Buzzz - he is the driving force behind everything I've done for the past 4-5 years and helped me reach some pretty cool lifetime goals - and we're still moving forward, watching each other grow and supporting each other along the way! I am sure he would agree with me when I say Mereki was a huge part of the Goldroom success - and even tho she has moved on to work on her solo career she is still part of the soul that is and will always will be Goldroom. This version of "Embrace" featuring George Maple has thrown me for a loop just a bit - not that it's not amazing because she is amazing and the song is undeniably awesome, I'm just used to Mereki! There is something so familiar about her voice, it's what we fell in love with!

However, after listening to the George Maple version, I get it!  "Embrace" was actually written with her and for her, so it's like this track has finally been given the chance to reach it's full potential. This is how Goldroom envisioned "Embrace" to be .... and it's just as amazing as ever.  George Maple's sultry vocals have made this more than just a poolside summertime dance hit, she's brought maturity and deeper feeling, she's brought out the sadness and emotion within the words  - she's made it a love song!!   The power of music is like nothing else, and after multiple listens over the past 24 hours - I am more in love with this song than I ever have ever been. I'm sure Mr. Goldroom is quietly giggling over my words right now, and I am pretty sure this is the most I have ever had to say about anything on this blog -- but well done sir, and thank you, and love you most! 

Goldroom's new EP It's Like You Never Went Away is out now via Downtown Records, and you can swoop that on iTunes HERE!