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Ok this was was a must today. I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing Mako's first ever live show last night, and damn Alex and Logan absolutely crushed it! So a little backstory, the guys have undergone a transformation over the last year moving from their dance heavy roots into a full indie pop soiree that is ready to take on the world! Their new live show has strings, guitars, keys and drums with Alex's vocals leading the way. I've also had the pleasure of hearing their upcoming Hourglass LP due out next Friday December 9th, which is also amazing and is currently available for pre-order here. Let's tap into "Let Go Of The Wheel," this final single from the LP might just be the best of the album. The tune starts warm and relaxed with an uplifting arp and pads filling out the instrumental behind Alex's first verse. As the guitars slide in leading us into the pre-chorus, the track explodes into massively uplifting chorus, full of cascading melodies of vocal ooh's, and layers of sound full of sun soaked strings, pads and a punchy snare/clap. "Let Go Of The Wheel" is a beautiful exposé of their new sound, poised to keep us warm and in high spirits as we launch into the Christmas season.