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VenessaMichaels has been putting together a breakout catalogue over the last few months. From first making our Best of 2015 list, to putting out her and MOONZz's incredible "Killing Me Softly" cover, to rocking our SXSW 2016 showcase and NOW this killer new original "Really Like (feat. Effy)." What else can we say? Did I hear the term rising star get thrown around the office when her name was brought up? Well dive into her new single and enjoy. Starting super vibey with piano and Effy's heavenly voice, we're quickly bobbing and weaving around this record with synth stabs, light and jovial fills, energetic vox chops and moving bass. The track stays groovy through the end leaving us puffed up like a big ole bubble of big league chew. Something about the cover art must have inspired that gum analogy. Anyways you can nab this fun single fo FREE right here.

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