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Leo Islo's new Golden Grave EP is absolutely killer. I've been a big supporter of his music for a while now (check out "Higher Living" such a tune!). I had the opportunity to listen to this EP before it was live and it's been on repeat ever since. Due to circumstances (EDC + moving) I haven't been able to get this up as quick as I would like, but alas here it is! Matt Pahler, pka Leo Islo, has already had a diverse music career and is really putting it all together for this EP. Golden Grave, the title track off the EP, has such a uniquely chill vibe to it. His voice basks you in golden rays of briliance, supported by ambient background vocals, synth stabs, a moving arpeggiating synth bass line, and relaxed percussion. The tune smoothly grooves along flying you up to fantastic heights. I would highly recommend putting ears on the entire EP, and purchase/stream it courtesy of PUZL Records here.

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