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I know I have said this one million times over the past 6 years .... but The Knocks are my favorite band ever! Our boys just got home from a massive european tour supporting Justin Bieber, and now that are about to embark on their next US headlining tour, and their Testify EP will be out FEB 03! Today they drop "Lie ft. Jerm" for an epic elecro pop dance track packed full of that funky Knocks vibe we love, with soaring soulful vocals from Jerm. They said, "When we wrote LIE in LA with Jerm it was just a vocal over that main guitar sample. No drums or additional production. His vocal is so powerful, it almost felt like it didn't need more.  When we took the song on the road and worked on it, we decided we wanted to make it a dancehall rhythm as Jerm is Jamaican and we didn't have anything like that yet.  It's also the first time we've done a song where the entire thing is a build and it doesn't really "drop" until the end which was really fun to do." It's bananas good! Get into this one kids!