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Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie, childhood friends turned band mates better known as Stalgia are not new to our BB pages. I was in a busy flurry of work emails when I got sent this record, and I was immediately removed from the doldrums of the office and whisked away to an exotic forest. This track "Spirit Animal" plus the fact that Electric Forest is happening right now has severely overloaded my fomo level. I digress...this tune is a sweet caress of strings and piano that saunters forward at a relaxed pace that should all but message the anxieties from your mind. Stalgia has found that sweet spot so far in their catalogue that is peaceful and beautiful yet still driving and impactful, no doubt due to Lauren's gorgeously breathy vocals and some deep sub. "Spirit Animal" is just heavenly and I guarantee will float you away if only for a fleeting 4 minutes 20 seconds. You can add this on Spotify here