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"Creep” is a classic 90’s song from Radiohead that spoke about all the imperfections we have as humans and how we wish we can change them. The mood  of the classic song is depressing to say the least, which is why we have to truly admire KSHMR for having the ability to turn this trackinto an upbeat, fun song. KSHMR does a phenomenal job in the musical variety. The beginning of the song starts with a ukulele that makes you think it will keep the island vibe, but then we hear an electric guitar come in pretty strong. Now we are led to believe that it has the ability to be an alternative song. KSHMR dupes us again and brings on some synthesizers with a hip-hop beat to make you dance to “Creep (cover)”. Astounding the abilities KSHMR poses to twist and manipulate such a song to whatever genre it pleases. It is a journey of multiple paths that KSHMR does not allow you to truly hold onto by changing it so often but in the end, we are thankful for such a magnificent, surreal path.


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Some people may have contrary opinions, but I personally love the trend of vocalist cover remixes of hit tracks. It has the ability to re-energize a sometimes overplayed radio tune and showcase some rising talent. This is just the case here with A&G's remix of Veronica's cover of Drake's "Too Good." This tropical jam may be hitting your ears with snow coming down outside, but regardless it should take you away to a bright and sunny place. Andrew and Gino (aka A&G) are definitely infusing their hometown of Miami into this piano laden bobbing record full of upbeat stabs, fun melodies and a grooving vox chop chorus that's going to sweep you off to that far away beach. Veronica's cover (found here) showcases her sweet take on the original and this remix definitely expands on that foundation. You can stream on Spotify here and download for free here.



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DC producer Dirty Chocolate just teamed up with vocalist Abbi Press to deliver a slowed down, sexed up cover of The Weekend's "Starboy" and it is inspiring to say the least. "Worst Mood" sets an melodic tone early and slowly but surely builds into a final emotional drop that seals the deal. Dirty Chocolate has been crushing it for years now, steadily building a repertoire of killer tracks with heavy hitters like Moving Castle & Nest HQ. NYC based Abbi Press continues to wow with her mesmerizing vocals, pulling the whole track together in ways reminiscent of her previous collaborations within the soundcloud producer community.


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Many music legends like Ray Charles and Elvis Costello have covered famous songs from Johnny Cash with their own unique sound and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Here comes Monophona, dare to be extreme and cover the song that solidified the Man in Black to epic badassery when he played this song in the actual Folsom Prison back in 1968. This “Folsom Prison Blues Cover” keeps the dark aura of the song by producing its own dark sound with the guitar and bass. The continuous riff that is being played by the guitar keeps the essence of a  rhythm and blues and gets you swaying the way Johnny Cash had people moving back in the day.  The vocals match the vibe perfectly as she is singing with such soft yet dark range that reverberates due to her channeling the spirit of Johnny Cash himself. Monophona are breaking new ground and will continue to break new ground because they are that talented and just that badass. Monophona dares to be extreme, dares to go above and beyond, and dares to use the darkness and let the music naturally blossom into epic wonders. Check out the new 8th wonder of the world, Monophona’s “Folsom Prison Blues."


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R&B may not be my favorite type of music, but there's something to be said for the way it can really set a mood, tug at emotions, and get you feeling some kinda way. Vanessa Elisha is not only the homie (we got late night Mexican food once) but she is also one of the hottest artists coming out of Australia right now that isn't a future bass producer or indie pop/dance group. Her brand of Alt/Future R&B can be seen in the form of massive collaborations with a slew of incredible producers from XXYYXX to Ekali. This cover of the legendary Missy Elliott and Ginuwine's "Friendly Skies" is as close to perfection as you can get for a 2016 tribute to this 1997 classic from Missy's debut album Supa Dupa Fly. The complete rework of the production is so fresh, and her signature vocal delivery doesn't just tug at the heartstrings, it melts them. This comes ahead of her long-awaited debut EP, "It's a Day and Night Thing" due in November, which will boast production from Sweater Beats, Different Sleep, XXYXX and others, and is bound to be a breakout piece of work for Vanessa. 


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It is ridiculously hot in LA today. The sun is scorching everything and the weather report is reading 100 pretty much all over town. Sounds like perfect timing for a new SNBRN record! Just like the weather LA is getting BRNT to a crisp over his new Swedish House Mafia cover of "Leave The World Behind." Teaming up with the always impeccable Kaleena Zanders for a second time (check out SNBRN's hot cover of California Love), the two have discovered a successful system for updating and rejuvenating seemingly overworked tunes. In true SNBRN fashion the record is packed with strings, piano, deep kicks, horns and he's chosen to go with a fun pan flute sounding melody that adds that tropical crisp to this Mai Tai of a tune. SNBRN is keeping the summer alive in September, and with LA scorching the way it is, I'm completely on board. You can stream on Spotify here or buy on Beatport here. San Francisco don't sleep on getting tickets to see SNBRN at Mezzanine Saturday November 19th. Grab them tickets below:     


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I have some real love for Canadians - over the past few years I have made some really rad musical friends from that beautiful country, and that circle is only growing. Today I wanted to introduce you to Fjord, a fantastic up-and-coming duo from Quebec who have melted my heart with their cover of "Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) by the legend Neil Young. This version is brilliant! Filled with floating synths and atmospheric vocals, Fjord crushes this one with all the feels! Their full length album Textures will be out September 16, so until then keep this one on repeat.    


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Normally I would not touch a cover of Flume, especially this song because it's so perfect -- how could anyone else possibly bring something new to the table. But ..... I should have known that the guy to pull it off would be Crywolf! This is kind of amazing and I'm swooning! Crywolf has that effect over me all the time - his angelic voice makes me swoon like a little girl .... oh boys! His cover of "Never Be Like You" is future electro pop perfection, and the best part is that you can grab a free download HERE


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Our boy Sweater Beats just dropped a delicious new track, and who doesn't love a super siiick cover of "Hey Ya" by OutKast?  This is the first piece of new music we've seen from this New York producer in 2016, and he's flipped this classic track into a piece of future beats heaven. Teaming up with vocalist KAMAU, Sweater Beats made this one to open his sets and decided he would finally release it to the world. Feels! You can grab a free download HERE!