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Two Friends (Eli Sones and Matt Halper) in the green room at the El Rey in Los Angeles. (Photo courtesy of Ian Johnson, IG: @youngianphoto)

Here at Beautiful Buzzz we generally only provide coverage for single tracks. We like to keep it simple. But once in a while we like to offer an inside look into the lives of artists with whom we really love and consider homies. This past weekend we caught up with Two Friends after their show in Los Angeles at the El Rey Theatre. 

James Delaney sings "Emily" with Two Friends. (Photo courtesy of Ian Johnson)

This hard-working yet light-hearted DJ duo has been picking up momentum since they first started putting a slew of remixes and original tracks on SoundCloud 5 years ago. Known for their riotous social media antics, viral remixes of hits like “Mr. Brightside” and “Trap Queen”, SoundCloud chart-topping “Big Bootie Mixes”, and recent original pop-leaning singles like “Out of Love (feat. Cosmos & Creature)”, “Emily (feat. James Delaney)”, and “Just A Kid (feat. Kevin Writer)” the friend pair of Matt Halper and Eli Sones have earned a well-deserved following and respect as one of the foremost rising acts in the scene.

Saturday night, playing to a sold-out crowd at the legendary El Rey Theatre in the heart of LA, I finally got to witness firsthand why these fellas are quickly climbing the ladder of success—they really know how to get the crowd moving. Some young DJ acts today it seems just hit the play button, jump up and down, and run around the stage hyping the crowd, but it’s clear that Two Friends can do that and simultaneously actually DJ—mixing between tracks quickly and seamlessly flowing from throwback classic to Top 40 remix to their original releases, bringing guests like James Delaney and Kevin Writer on stage to perform their features. Two words can be used to sum up the night and all the fun that was had: Dance. Party.

Doing their thing. (Photo courtesy of Ian Johnson)

After the show we decided to ask Eli and Matt some rapid fire questions to find out a little more about them. Enjoy their responses:

BB: Sushi or Ramen?
Eli: Ramen
Matt: sushi

BB: Pizza or Pasta?
Eli: Pasta
Matt: pizza

BB: Tacos or Burritos?
Eli: Tacos
Matt: burritos (why are we even friends eli?)

BB: Favorite spot to get any of the above in LA?
Eli: Tacos at Frida's at the Brentwood Country Mart
Matt: Burritos at Kay N Dave’s

BB: Favorite artist (musical or not) who is pushing creative boundaries?
Eli: Chance The Rapper
Matt: AJR

BB: Favorite guilty pleasure Spotify playlist?
Eli: Disney movie soundtracks, especially Lion King and Hercules
Matt: ^lol. Ummm probably like one of the Coffee House ones

BB: Biggest inspiration(s)?
Eli: Friends and family
Matt: unique songwriters who tell stories well

BB:  Coolest cities you’ve played in so far?
Eli: All the international ones are always surreal- Barcelona might be at the top.
Matt: I might agree for once. 

BB: Dream collaborator?
Eli: Blink-182, I'm stealing your answer Matt.
Matt: Bli... oh uhh let’s go with Ben Gibbard. 

BB: Most embarrassing moment of tour so far?
Eli: Matt addressing the New York City crowd as Chicago accidentally, sorry Matt.
Matt: that was last year bro. I’d say falling off a DJ booth or two

There you have it folks. Catch Two Friends live in a city near you. All show dates can be found here!

Two Friends. (Photo courtesy of Ian Johnson, IG: @youngianphoto)


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“I come from the luck of the draw," Dana Hobson sirens as the introductory hook and anthemic bridge of “Got Me Poly”, the first single of 2018 from peculiar new self-described “raw theater” duo Dana and the Wolf.

In December they gave us the cinematic and dark “Him” which created controversy as “not a Christian rock” song with artwork featuring a cross and lyrics that read as a burning commentary on religion. It charted on several Spotify Viral charts however, deservedly so in this writer’s opinion, with its forward-thinking production and innovative vocal arrangement.

Back at it with a new single to kick off their 2018, Dana and the Wolf have dropped “Got Me Poly”, and I’m cosigning this hard. A song about polyamory, it’s almost like this record was designed to induce anxiety in the listener. There’s even percussion that sounds like a heartbeat in the intro. Add on top lyrics like “turns out that love can’t be conquered and isn’t what you thought / 'forever' just another bubble stuck inside your throat” in a rap-sung mumble from Hobson, other bits of preachy wisdom from Daniel “the Wolf” (if you listen closely) and a chugging bridge that’s somewhere between The Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” and Major Lazer, and this duo has crafted a piece of music that truly stands out amongst most of even the “alt pop” of today. Keep your eyes on Dana and the Wolf.

DATW gotmepoly.jpg


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We first introduced you to Cincinnati-based producer OTR last year with his awe-inspiring first original Already Gone (feat. Kelsie Rimmer) which has gone on to amass over 700k plays on Spotify. Official remixes he’s done for Petit Biscuit (“Sunset Lover”), Blondage (“Stoned”), and Mickey Valen (“Meet Me”) have all surpassed the 1M stream milestone. There’s no doubt this former aerospace engineer has found his calling with music production. His creations exhibit a compelling array of organic and electronic sonic elements arranged in a mathematical yet feels-inducing manner.

His latest opus “Bliss”, with little-known but very talented vocalist Ashley Leone, demonstrates further his ability to craft an intricate and colorful soundscape. Reminiscent of a Hailey Steinfeld x Zedd track with more lush ODESZA-esque production, “Bliss” is exactly as it’s title suggests. Gorgeous songwriting and production come together to create a song that you can’t help but want to listen to over and over.

OTR Bliss.jpg


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The Foreign Family Collective's 24th release comes from Brooklyn solo artist White Cliffs. White Cliffs recently released a double single "Heart Start/ On Call" and announced exciting news for music fans that he'll soon be touring with Big Wild. Self proclaimed "music chef" Rafe Cohan is cooking some saucy jams for your face. Featuring a blend of instruments and synth to provide organic and electric sounds topped with vocals. This fresh approach brings the heat to the kitchen and the dance floor. 



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Sometimes I have to pinch myself because somehow ... I have found myself working with musicians like this legend ... so incredibly talented and making some of the best electronic/pop music anywhere. It's true ... I am a lucky girl! Our homie Manila Killa continues to steel our hearts with every track he puts into the world, and this LA producer shows no sign of slowing down! His latest track "Everyday, Everyday ft. Nevve" is perfection. With massive future feels hooks and sweet soulful vocals, this one needs to be played through your headphones at max volume! Swoop this one up HERE



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I'm having one of those mornings where I am needing all the best vibes, because waking up is hard sometimes and facing my super insane work day is gonna take an extra cup of coffee and the most viby jam I can muster up for a premiere! Found it! Bay Area producer Justice Skolink holds the golden ticket with his rad remix of "You're On" by Madeon. This yung up-and-comer has been on our radar quite a bit ... we always like what we hear and with this next dance track we promise you'll become a super fan.  His thick synthy future melodies under glassy R&B vocals and groovy beats are everything!! If this one doesn't get you moving, then check your pulse because you might be dead. Swoop this one as a free download HERE!   



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After a breakout 2017 that saw Papa Ya garner over 2 million streams, and head out on a 30 date tour U.S., tour we knew it was only a matter of time before we were going to hear new music. Flash forward and we now know what's next in this growing catalogue of hyper fun tracks. When you first hit play you might think the first 10 seconds of "Tumbleweed" is a journey away from the pop leaning Papa Ya production. But as quickly as you think that, a hard kick and Nate Merchant's vocals swoop in shining some light on the situation. The vocal chorus fills in with guitars, and light synthwork building into a fun drop with a brilliant trumpet melody that leads the away above a bobbing bass line. The guys have a way of finding these one liner lyrics that just get stuck in your head, "I'm drunk in the lobby and I really don't care" - too infectious. Bravo boys welcome back, and cheers to a fun filled 2018. 



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If you ever wanted to know what mega-collab looks like, here ya go! Having three artists such as Autograf, Klingande and Dragonette get together on one track causes a wave of awesomeness ... a tsunami of music deiciousness if you will!  Our homies Autograf seem to always drop the goods, and with a huge US headlining tour planed in the spring, they are starting give us that new new to get excited. This future pop jam is stacked with dreamy vocals, sexy r&b vibes over a dope dance groove .... this is the good stuff! Check and see if Autograf is hitting your city HERE

Disclosure: Autograf is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.



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The man the myth the growing legend that is Thoreau continues to put together brilliant tracks. His latest "Like We Used To" featuring Jeris is a driving thumper that is equal parts dance floor heater and emotional rollercoaster. Coming off a hot 2017 which brought him a Trap Nation premiere of "Illusion ft. Tina Decara" and a signing to Spotted Records, now we're gifted with this lovely record. Jeris' vocals decry a love that has fallen from the good days accompanied by Thoreau's instrumental full of dramatic drones and a pumping low end that keeps you bobbing from start to finish. This is a terrific new tune from this camp and a great way to start off a soon to be break out year.

Disclosure: Thoreau is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh

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